Congratulations on your newborn baby. After giving birth, your body is now getting rid of the blood and tissue that was inside of the uterus. The wound after giving birth will take about seven to ten days to heal and may be tender to several weeks. Sadly, your belly snaps need longer time to get back to the general shape before pregnancy. In the first few weeks after delivering a baby, your skin and stomach muscles are still stretched out, and the uterus is still likely the size of a cantaloupe. Since the recovery process takes a long time, make sure that you can take it easy to prevent postpartum stress. Enjoy every moment with your new baby to give your body enough time to heal. Regarding your postpartum recovery, when you need something that can help you reduce the pain after giving birth, or just need support for all your muscles during the healing process, a waist shaper dedicated for your postpartum recovery may help you. Wearing a waist shaper can help you feel comfortable, especially when you need to be active during your recovery. Soon after you passed this hard time, you can start your workout routines to get the hourglass figure before your pregnancy back. In case you need additional support, you can visit to choose any waist shaper to help you reduce your waistline and lose some weight. Well, below we present 3 in 1 postpartum waist shaper review of three best items for you. Check these out!

1. TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Support waist shaper

It is a perfect postpartum belly belt to help you fulfill all your needs to get throughout the postpartum recovery process which consists of belly belt, waist belt, and also pelvis belt in one set. It is a postnatal pregnancy wrap with a great design to help you quickly restore your body shape, ease postpartum discomfort and regain confidence as well. The high-quality and lightweight fabric of this shapewear is very comfortable, stretchable and also easy to clean after use. The design allows you to put it on easily by yourself where you just need to pull it from both sides equally, then readjust how tight you want it to be without taking off the band. The compression keeps you supported for a long time and helped shrink your belly and waist. This shapewear also relieves back, and pelvis pain helps ease the transition of your uterus, minimize the stretch marks, and accelerates postnatal healing.

2. Congerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum waist shaper

It is an excellent shapewear with a great design for postpartum support recovery that consists of three belts in one set. Wear this shapewear to full fill all you need to get throughout your postpartum healing process. This shapewear includes waist belt, belly belt, and also pelvis belt. It is the perfect choice for women in postpartum recovery because of its breathable and comfortable material which also high-quality and lightweight fabric. Wearing this postpartum belly belt will help you correct your posture. It has an excellent design that avoids the belly band from rolling up when sitting or moving. It is also very comfortable, hygroscopic, breathable to wear and also easy to clean. The use of this shapewear is essential for your postpartum recovery so that you can get your body back to its former figure before pregnancy. Each part of the shapewear helps reduce swelling, support your core abdominal muscle and return the uterus to its original size.

3. DICOOL 3 in 1 Postpartum Shapewear Support Recovery Girdle Shaper

It is a postpartum shapewear that consists of three belts in 1 set that you need to fulfill all the necessities throughout the postpartum healing process. The material is breathable and comfortable, which also high-quality and lightweight. This waist trainer for women is very suitable for helping you correct your posture. The excellent design allows you to put this on easily bu yourself and adjust how tight you want it to be without taking off the band. The compression keeps you supported for a long time comfortably. Wearing this postpartum shapewear during the recovery process can accelerate the process of shrinking your belly, waist, and hips.