Yosoo Sauna Belt ReviewYosoo is one of health gear manufacturer who has created many kinds of products to alleviate many people’s lives. One of the products is Yosoo sauna belt which is one of top rated sauna belts on the market. It is a waist trimmer belt which is said to be a great help for your workout by maximizing body heat and removing excess water weight. This belt can be the best fitness equipment for abs that you need for optimizing the result of your weight loss program. If you want to know the further information about this product, below we have the complete Yosoo sauna belt review as your consideration before deciding to make a purchase on this item.

Premium Material of Yosoo sauna belt

Yosoo neoprene waist sweat band is a mobile sauna belt which is designed for the best fitness equipment for abs. This belt is perfect to be worn for all kinds of workouts such as running, walking, yoga, or cycling so you can maximize your body heat and remove the excess water weight, especially in your abdominal area. Wearing the sauna belt is supposed to help you get the curves you have always wanted. This sauna belt is a machine washable one which is made with the premium latex-free neoprene for effectively insulate and also retain therapeutic heat and stimulate water loss throughout waist and tummy areas.

Ergonomic Design of Yosoo sauna waist trimmer

This sauna belt has an ergonomic design to allow you get the optimum benefits with the minimum possible problem. It has an inner grid lining which is not only to repel the moisture absorption but also to limit slipping and bunching when you wear it during your waist workout. It is an eight inch wide adjustable ab trainer belt which is suitable for women with the wide stick straps. The available size of this sauna belt fits up to 38-inch waist.

Benefits of Yosoo waist sweat band

Just like the ordinary sauna belt, Yosoo waist trimmer belt is made to help you lose and reduce the excessive weight. As the additional effect, wearing this waist cincher ab belt offers compression to support your back and abdominal muscle, but it is not designed for that purpose. This effect comes from how it acts as a compression binder around the waist when you wear it, so it provides some lumbar support and creates a better posture than before. So, you can get a better posture, lose the unwanted weight, and reduce the risk of injury by wearing this flexible and comfortable custom fit sauna belt. 

Pros and cons of Yosoo waist trimmer belt


  • Durable latex-free neoprene material
  • Limited possibilities of slipping and bunching up of the material around the waist area because of the inner lining that can also repesl moisture absorption.
  • It corrects your posture and gives back support
  • It has a sixty-day warranty
  • Machine washable (cold water)
  • Provides the necessary support for those who have operations in their abdominal area.
  • Targets your abb area of the abdomen


  • It has limited size range
  • Only suitable for air drying, not a conventional one
  • A negative reaction to neoprene indicated by some people
  • It is not a unisex product

Well, that’s all about Yosoo sauna belt review. Hopefully, this information is helpful for you who want to know more about this sauna belt before deciding to buy it. click here to find the best sauna belt for you.