Essentially there are two types of waist packs for runners; those are: running belt and hydration belt. Running belt is a kind of waist pack wit a little bit of storage, but this belt without a bottle holder. While hydration belt is a new form of waist pack that includes the ability to hold a water bottle and a little bit of storage. Especially for hydration belt, there are some options based on how many bottles holders available on the hydration belt. Generally, manufacturers provide three types of hydration belt: single bottle, double bottle, and multi-bottle (3-4). You can take any hydration belt that best suits you.

You can use the length and distance of your running plan to consider which hydration belt fits your hydration need. The farther you run, the more bottle you will need to be in your hydration belt. Moreover, if you are a kind of runner who drinks a lot when you run, then single bottle hydration belt is not for you.

Anyway, you will need to choose one hydration belt that best works for you to give you convenience, not an annoyance. So, there are some important considerations to decide your choice. First, the weight of the hydration belt. If you prefer to use the lightweight hydration belt, you’ll need to choose the one with less bottle holder. Second, it is important for choosing any hydration belt which is made of breathable mesh fabric. And the last consideration is the ability of the straps to fit your waist. You can choose the one with adjustable straps to ensure that the hydration belt fits your waist perfectly.

Since most hydration belts are also featuring some storage, you need to take this feature as your further consideration before choosing any hydration belt. Regarding the bottle holder of the belt, you may need to take the one that has a good feature to hold the bottle in place when you run. Especially for the storage of the belt, you can also choose the one with enough compartment to carry everything you need to bring when you run. If you are ready with your criteria, then you can take a look at the top rated hydration belt for runners below.

1. Hydration waist pack by Mosslian

Hydration waist pack by Mosslian

This waist running belt comes with an included water bottle which is ideal for men and women. The strap of this hydration belt is designed with a high-quality silk soft spandex, ultra slim, lightweight and breathable fabric.

2. Sahara Sailor hydration running belt fitness and workout waist pack for men and women W 2 BPA

Sahara Sailor hydration running belt fitness and workout

There are an included two 10-ounce BPA-free leak-proof water bottles to supply enough water for your short to medium length runs. The bottle will stay in place with its elastic loops so that you don’t have to worry about it.

3. iRainy Neoprene Water-Proof Hydration Running Belt

iRainy Neoprene Water-Proof Hydration Running Belt

this hydration belt offers you convenience and comfort when you run with touchscreen zipper pockets that fit all smartphones. This fitness and workout Belt includes two 10oz BPA-free and leak-proof water bottles.

4. Hydration Running Belt

Hydration Running Belt

This hydration belt is featuring an adjustable neoprene fuel belt with two BPA-free 10 ounce/280ml water bottles. The large enough pocket of this belt fits iPhone 6 Plus, and it is ideal for runners, race, marathon, and hiking.

5. Fitter’s Niche Hydration Waist Pack

Fitter’s Niche Hydration Waist Pack

This hydration belt is suitable for the lightweight outdoor sports running belt. This belt features a water bottle holder holster that fits waist size 25-55 inches with large zip pouch for iPhone 7 Plus.